Cropped Leather Jackets

  1. i think they're cute!!
    im also looking for them but can't find any nice ones...

    i absolutely love this one that hilary is wearing
    any lookalikes/exact jacket or maybe some other cropped leather jackets???

  2. Mike & Chris do jackets like this
  3. wow she looks GREAT in this pic!!! :okay:love her style!
  4. what kind of jacket and omg shoes are those?
  5. ^I think they are Mike&Chris and Balenciaga.
  6. Try Topshop, too. They have a cute cropped leather jacket, but it's black.
  7. There was another thread on this- the boots were Steve madden lol...Everyone said balenciaga at first till someone found the pic. IDK Maybe balenciaga does have one as well