cropped jackets

  1. Are they still "in"? Or are they on their way "out"? Or will they always be in style? I saw two on sale which I kinda like; but I am not sure whether I want to spend money on something that will be considered outdated next year. Please advise;)
  2. it would depend on what they looked like imo
    although i've always beena firm believer in wearing what you like and what looks good on you rather than following a trend
  3. I've seen a preponderence of cropped jackets in the new fall styles arriving in stores. So I don't think the Fashion Police will bust you yet. :cool:
  4. I wear them and think they will still look great and in-season up until fall.
  5. I wear them, too. I see a ton of them in the stores, so they're still "in".