Cropped jackets/shrugs--yay or nay for petites?

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  1. Went shopping yesterday and saw at Ann TAylor Lofts a mannequin outfitted with cropped short sleeved sweater (falls around middle of the upper body just below chest) over longer length printed shirt paired with dark denim skirt and it really looked very stylish and sharp. I'm just wondering, do you think this style (wearing cropped over longer tee) will look good on petite gals (say someone barely 5')? I've always read petites should try sticking to monotonal tops and bottoms to give the look of length but it would be just so boring to do that all the time:sad:
  2. I think cropped jackets would look good on either tall or petite women as long as they are slender and slim so it doesn't look like a box especially on petite women.
  3. I don't know that I would say stick to monotonal all the time, but I think that the look of long top + cropped sweater/jacket breaks you up and makes you look shorter. Even on taller girls I think it can throw your proportions off. If you like the look, though, the only way to be sure is to try it on- things surprise you, sometimes.
  4. That was what I was afraid of, too.
  5. I have some shrugs and cropped sweaters, and I like them. I'm 5'0". I've never thought about that it might make me look shorter, but I like that it sort of makes my upper half look bigger and my lower smaller since I have small boobs and big hips. I guess I usually wear a shorter shirt though, not a long one. Can't hurt to try it on. You never know unless you try it on. Sometimes I'll thinking something will look awful on me and it looks great, and other times just the opposite.
  6. I just can't make this look work for me. I'm 5'3. I just manage to make my hips look enormous.
  7. Oooh yes yes YES for petites, but fit is everything. You don't want something that swamps your little frame, so it's got be a good fit. I think the width of the shoulders is especially important - no 80s shoulder pad looks LOL and definitely nothing that looks like you borrowed it from your dad (y'know, if your dad was into wearing cropped jackets, for instance). I think the best look is one that fits snugly across the shoulders - absolutely no wider than your shoulders - and one with which you can pull the sleeves up a little bit to give the jacket a bit of scrunch and movement.

    Also, for girls with long torsos, cropped jackets can be risky - you need to find the right length (not too short) and break up the monotone with different coloured layers, as discussed above....
  8. i'm 5'2" and i like them... it depends on the jacket though!
  9. I'm 5'0" and a few years back I really disliked this look. One night I got cold and my aunt had just bought me a new shrug (in bright pink!). I didn't want to hurt her feelings and wore it with my dark floral flowy shirt (to my hip) and skinny jeans. The picture came out and I must say it didn't look bad nor did I look short. It wasn't a tiny shrug though and technically one size too big. I'd wear it again if not for the bright colour.