crop flare/bootcut jeans styling - what kind of shoes?

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  1. im not sure where to post this.. in wardrobe or shoes but..

    i have yet to get a pair of these but i am loving crop flare/bootcut jeans these days.

    one thing i can't figure out is what kind of shoes i would wear with them? flats? heels? wedges? i saw a girl who was wearing them with white sneakers but i didn't think it looked that good.. the sneakers just looked too clunky..

    also if you have any nice outfits with these crop jeans please post!
  2. Wedges or stacked heel booties. They looked great when this style rocked the early 2000s.
  3. The woman who writes the blog 9 to 5 chic has a pair of sevens like that and styles them with every type of shoe really well! It has made me want a pair so bad!
  4. This style has always looked best with a heel. It doesn't matter what style as long as it is high.
  5. I second wedges, they would definitely elevate your look!
  6. For me, flat sandals. but I always wear flats so does my vote count? Well, it will with the girl who rocks flats! I like that look. Wedges would probably work, too.
  7. I agree
    In summer usually a wedge sandal or block heel sandal
    Winter boots with heels
  8. Personally I think they are adorable with slides and loafers. I think you can wear pretty much any shoe with this type of jean. Do you have a pair of crop flare jeans you're eyeing? I love the Mother crop-step ones (I'm planning to get a J Brand pair) and L'Agence makes a minimalist pair called the Charlotte.
  9. Agree, lots of shoes work. Espadrilles (flats or wedges), sneakers, Toms, flip-flops, slide sandals.... I have the Rag & Bone crop flares with the fringey bottom and I just love them. Now I need to find a not-fringey pair suitable for work...
  10. I thing flares look the best with chunky/wedge heels. I think they don't have the same effect with flats.