Crop Circles Are Back, & This Time They're In 3-D!

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    The astonishing three-dimensional design, 200ft in diameter, has been created in a wheat field at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire

    The art of crop circles reaches a new height of sophistication

    A floor of chequered tiles stretches down a long, high-ceilinged corridor with doors leading off each side.

    And the art of crop circles reaches a new height of sophistication.
    The astonishing three-dimensional design, 200ft in diameter, has been created in a wheat field at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire. Only yards away are the 5,000-year-old West Kennet Longbarrow burial grounds, one of the largest and most impressive Neolithic graves in Britain.

    According to folklore, the mound is traditionally visited at sunrise on Midsummer's Day by a white figure accompanied by a white hound with red ears.
    It has been the setting for several crop circles in the past, including an elaborate 350ft pattern featuring a giant Egyptian mosaic in the shape of two wings, surrounded by symbols which bear a striking resemblance to the Mayan calendar which predicted that the world will end in 2012. The latest design was photographed by Steve Alexander, who with his wife Karen, a writer, has been researching crop circles for more than 15 years.

    Mrs Alexander-said: "It's one of the most architectural designs we have seen, rather than purely geometric.
    "In traditional geometry a square represents material reality and a circle represents the divine or heavenly realm. "A lot of people are saying this circle represents the passageway through the physical world to the divine world." :s
  2. This has always baffled the crap out of me.
  3. Maybe I'm a little slow, but did someone purposely cut that into the field, or was it supposed to be aliens? It's always been amusing to me that any aliens would waste their time cutting designs into crop fields. Why bother?!
  4. ^ isn't it "supposedly" the marks of the spaceship as it lands on earth ? thats what i thought, even though it was proved in the 80's that geometry freaks created them in an effort to rebel and 'scare' people. I guess they are coming back in fashion, i feel sorry for the farmer and the family that loose all their crops, it seems like a huge inconvenience.
  5. That's amazing! I wonder how they did that
  6. I love looking at crop circles. It's awesome that they now know how to do things in perspective :smile:
  7. Ah, those things are so cool.

    Do you think it was man-made or.. :shocked:????
  8. Pretty cool looking...I wonder how they do it...they look so percise from above!
  9. I remember living in England for a summer and actually walking out into a crop circle. Pretty cool.

    I actually have seen video of crop circles being made - by humans - not aliens :nuts:
  10. Also...

    Can you post the link to your source? Id like to send this to my husband!

  11. Cool! Thanks for posting!
  12. Aliens or humans either way who ever does it it's amazing!

  13. Gulp !!! :ninja::cry:
  14. I think all those shows about UFO's are starting to go to my head :wtf:... must change channel :nogood: