crooked heat stamp - would you return it?

  1. i just bought the epi montaigne from elux, and it appeared to be perfect, except i noticed that the "made in france" stamp was crooked. i'm up at school right now, and there are zilch boutiques near campus, and the closest fedex is 1 hour away, so returning the bag isn't the simplest task.

    since LV has such a problem with counterfeit pieces, i think it's really important to have a bag without imperfections because flaws/mistakes stimulate questions of authenticity.

    i've never sold any bags from my collection, but who knows what the future holds, someday i might need the cash. personally, if i was looking for a second-loved LV and saw a crooked stamp, i'd run for the hills.

    would you return the bag?
  2. I would take it to LV to look at it or return it to elux
  3. I would return it because it will always bug you. Contact Elux...since the item is defective they may be able to arrange for Fedex to pick up the package right from you.
  4. if u've already noticed it and u know it's gonna bother u, definately contact elux and try to have it exchanged. i once purchased a little wallet (i don't even remember its name and i dont think its made anymore!) and the leather was the slighest bit crooked. i noticed it and thought i would be ok with it until we were 30 minutes from the mall - and i made my husband turn around to go back so i could exchange it :shame:. sometimes those little details will drive u nuts :nuts:...which is exactly what the SA who sold it to me thought i was for asking for another one! :lol:
  5. I say return it and tell them it is a hassle for you to go thru this, and to be sure to check the next one is the way it should be. You will likely be happier in the long run.
  6. One of the reasons I like brand name bags is the attention to detail.
    It bugs me to see anything 'off' regardless if I was going to sell it later on or not.
    So, if I were you I would return it. Even if it's a hassle now, eventually you'll be happy you did.
    My 2 cents...
  7. I'd return it too, for the money we pay for LV, we should have one we love.
  8. I would return it :smile:
  9. i would return it as well - though it would be a bit of a hassle to go fedex or drive to the nearest LV store, i think it would be far more priceless to do this than not have peace of mind or have that crooked stamp bother you everytime you take your bag out :smile:
  10. I would return it immediately! What if you would like to sell your bag later on, someone might question it's authenticity because of the crooked stamp. Besides that, you didn't pay for a defective bag so they need to give you what you paid for.
  11. no doubt.... return/exchange it :sad:... you'll be much happier in the long run... good luck
  12. i don't really care :p
  13. I would totally return it, it will bug you endlessly if you don't (and I don't blame you, this bag is an investment)
  14. if there's even the slimmest chance that you might one day sell it, I'd exchange it for a perfect one.
  15. Wow! I am going to be really out numbered here, but I would absolutely not return it. I am assuming that the heatstamp is inside the bag right? Not on a leaf like on the Speedy. If it is on the inside, what's the harm. And, as far as authenticity goes (and take this from me, I buy a ton second hand) I want to see your tags and receipt and even then I get it authenticated either here or with an outside service. Personally, I would like that I would always be able to identify my bag with its little ever so slight flaw...if you could even call that a flaw!