Crooked Handle on My Kelly

  1. I've noticed that my new black box kelly has a crooked handle. It is sewn on correctly but it's leaning to the left. It's starting to bother me more and more.

    Is this normal? Will this correct over time? Should I contact my SA?
    IMG_8326.jpg IMG_8328.jpg
  2. The handle is the most difficult part of the Kelly to make.
    This has been discussed in another thread, many months ago. I will try to find thread.
  3. Yes, if it bothers you, I would. They can send it to be fixed. (I might be tempted to pull on it myself (!) even tho that might be a bit scary..... )

    Are you in NY or CA? The master leather repair (spa) shops are housed in NY and Bev Hills...if you can stand your baby being away for a while, I'd definitely take it to my SA and ask for repair or exchange, to ensure you are very happy with your purchase for your lifetime.
  4. Thanks. I just searched and read the thread on someone else's crooked handle.
  5. thread is called
    Need advice - the little problem with Kelly's handle
  6. that really would not bother me, but if it does bother you then you should explore your options. other posters maybe can help.
    for me, a little quirk like that will a. likely correct itself with use, and b. reminds you that someone toiled over that bag by hand... in france.:love: :love: :love:
  7. one of my kelly's also has crooked doesn't bother me but if it bothers you; perhaps you should contact your SA. And it do soon I guess! Because once your refund/exchange period is over...if you need a new handle that might mean paying at extra 2k for new handles!

    Btw, i would not think of them as crooked handles, just our kelly's are either lefties or righties' hehe... good luck!
  8. If the handles are all leather inside, I don't see why you can't reshape them yourself... leather is so pliable, one should be able to slowly redirect the high part of the curve to the middle of the bag with some gentle manipulation.

    If you use it often enough, the handles will begin to change to fit the way you carry your bag over time. Enjoy it, it's beautiful!
  9. my kelly handle leans forward just a hair.
  10. I must say I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, I wouldn´t have noticed a problem with it.
  11. I agree with Nola... I wouldn't have even noticed it (and still can't).

    Like the others have said, it's hand-made, and one of the beauties of having something hand-made, is that every one of those Kellys are a little different. I would embrace the difference.
  12. I think, that unless you point it one would ever notice. It's the beauty in something that is made by hand. No 2 are ever exactly alike. It is a gorgeous bag.
  13. Thanks for everyone's input. I can see the point of it being handmade and no two are alike but part of me thinks that it's pretty obvious (not slight lean) and that since hermes is all about quality, I thought they'd catch something like this. If it does correct on its own with usage/time, I'm fine with it.

    I did contact my SA who is out today. They said they would call Beverly Hills and the master craftsman would call me back today. I'll let you know what he/she has to say!
  14. For the price you pay for a kelly bag, I'd want it to be perfect, too. Maybe since you just got it they'll fix it for you quickly and free. That would be nice! Best of luck.
  15. hmm, i can see what you're talking about. maybe cuz i'm using a smaller screen...

    a definite lefty. if it bugs you, definitely take it in. for that much $$$, you should be happy with your purchase. especially since you're the customer. hopefully they can do something. good luck & keep us posted.