Crooked CC's?!

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  1. I've had my WOC for about a year. And it's driving me nuts! I adore the bag but whenever I look at the CC's, I can't tell if they are off or not. Most of the time I think they are which I can't stand. But sometimes I'm like, well maybe they're not?! What do you think? Can you tell if they're off or not?! Should I sell it even though I love the bag?




  2. It looks okay to me!
  3. Looks just like mine...perfect.
  4. The first picture looks crooked. The last picture looks ok.

    You could take a ruler and measure the distance from the CC to the quilted line to see if each side measures up.

    Worse case, get Chanel to repair it.
  5. Looks ok to me dear. Beautiful woc.
  6. Agreed.
  7. It looks slightly crooked to me. I bought a MIF wo cand when I got it home I realised that the cc's were crooked (maybe more than yours). I brought it back and exchanged for another one. The bags are way too expensive to accept something like this.
  8. Thanks everyone! I should have done something about it sooner, but as much as I love the bag, it annoys me every single time I use it. So I guess this one's going up for sale.
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