1. I have never cared much for this style; however, I think it would be a perfect gift for my teenage niece. Was this style discontinued?
  2. yes, unfortunately. but there are always some floating around for sale on the net.
  3. I too think it would be a perfect gift for your daughter!
  4. I thought only the GM was discontinued?
  5. ^^ I can't find it on or elux, so I take it they were all discontinued??
  6. They were all discontinued. The mid size one is hard to get in and out of...the way it's shaped. I would have loved to get the large one...boohoo
  7. Yes :crybaby: They were discontinued... i love this style and never got a chance to get one
  8. DARN! Thanks everyone for your responses...
  9. its an eBay thing now. but a highly counterfeited one, in my opinion. so just take a look around!