Croissant Pochette

  1. The croissant was always a bag I have been uncertain of for a few years now. Saw it on a lady and thought it was cute but an odd shape. I went ahead and bought one on eBay recently just because I was itching to buy something.

    To my surprise, I just adore it and is probably one of my favourites. I wished I had bought it earlier. I know that it is a discontinued style, the one I just bought was in very good condition, now trying to find one that is almost new. The condition wasn't as nice as it was described.
  2. awh great ;) glad you're happy with it. i was the same with my damier trousse make up. that little pouch is SO underrated. did you try calling 866 to see if they can locate one for you? even though it's discontinued there may still be on floating around somewhere. i don't think it was very popular.
  3. I think it is an adorable bag too!
  4. I am so glad you love your new bag.
  5. It's such a cute bag! Enjoy it :flowers:
  6. I like it, it's really cute, hope you'll enjoy it even though the condition wasn't what you hoped for it to be.
  7. I love the croissant
  8. Congrats! We would love to see pics!
  9. i hope you enjoy your new croissant...they happen to be a favorite of mine, I have the Croissant Pochette and the Croissant GM...i will never get rid of them...congrats on finding one!
  10. That was actually the 1st bag I got from elux. I only sent it back because I wanted something more practical for my first purchase. It is so cute, though.
  11. Thanks everyone! I did call 1 866 and it is sold out here in Canada.

    I just can't get over how cute it is and for a pochette it even holds my organizer wallet which is great. Hopefully I will find one that is in like new condition one day, in the meantime I will use this one with TLC.

    I don't have time to go to our local LV store, so alot of time I just call them and ship it to my house or I buy from eBay thinking that I love the style and when it arrives, it's just not me. For this hit or miss bag, it's definitely a WINNER!
  12. I have a Croissant Pochette. I also bought one on eBay after I saw a woman carrying one. I love it. Congrats on yours.
  13. Glad you love it. This was one of my 1st favorite bags.
  14. ^^^^^^^

    Don't you HATE when sellers "embellish" their descriptions ???
    I hope you find a better one.......good luck !!
  15. i got one for my birthday the year before last & while i rarely use it, it's one my favorite bags! my mom's cousin has the GM & i want that one as well.i love how well it fits on my shoulder.