Croissant MM, Discontinued??

  1. Is the Croissant MM, discontinued? I think I read somewhere I while back that it was discontinued? Was this the largest they made??

    Anyone know the dimensions of the MM, and if there is a larger one...anyone know there dimensions as well..?

    Thx! ;)
  2. The GM is d/c - 15.3" x 14.2"

    MM is 13" x 9"
  3. i find it strange that this GM was discontinued in the beginning of the year but the latest blue LV catalogue which came out last month still has the model in it.:shrugs:
  4. Thx for the replies, ladies. Aww, The GM sounds like a good size! darn!:sad: I wonder if any stores may still have one...Hmm, oh well...

    Thx again!;)
  5. I saw a number of MMs on eBay this morning...
  6. The Mono Mini line is d/c as of this year and it is in Le Catalogue too.
  7. You can always call LV/ ask an SA and see if they can track one down for you! You never know! :yes:
  8. LOL, ya I would if I knew exactly if that was the bag I wanted. :rolleyes: heehee, Trying to decide on which I'd prefer best. Was just wondering about the croissants availability. Thx!!
  9. I love the GM! I would buy one in a minute if I could!!