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  1. Guys,

    I found what I think is an authentic bag that I am considering on ebay. Check out #6860824903 and let me know what you think!!!
  2. Hello! I just looked at the link and most of the pictures look alright. There was one picture that was rather blurry - the one which shows the interior patch pocket with the leather patch. I cannot see the font clearly at all (maybe it was the camera flash that caused it). I would recommend asking the seller to email a clear photograph of the font, as well as pictures of the sides of the bag, and a clearer picture of the leather strap (again, I think the camera flash made that picture look a bit too bright, hence slightly blurry).

    Any other opinions from anyone else?
  3. Oh, I also just wanted to give you a tip: if you have questions about the authenticity of a bag, please post your question in the "Seller Watch" sub-forum rather than the "Louis Vuitton" subforum. That's where the authenticity questions are posted (and hence, it'll probably get you a quicker response time). :idea:
  4. No
  5. Thanks Eyelove!

    I guess I'm still learning the forum:nuts:

  6. You're welcome!

    And if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to post them. :idea: