Croissant GM Hurry!!!!!

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  1. For those of you who still want this bag, I just received a call today from LV customer relations and there are eight bags left in the USA!!!! Hurry call 866 Vuitton and get yours now before they are all gone!!! Good luck !!!!!!
  2. oh no!!! only eight left!!! ooh I want one now even more!
  3. Are they only discontinuing the GM?
  4. It's been discontinued so the remaining stock is it !
  5. Darn! GREAT bag! I'm kicking myself for selling mine now!
  6. Susu1, are you going to buy the bag from lv?? I'm thinking of getting one off of ebay, since I can't afford a new one... what do you all think of this one??

    do you think it's worth it?? I really want one now esp since it's discontinued...
  7. I have already bought my bag. I got it at Ceasars Forum Shop in Las Vegas (that's where I live). The one on Ebay looks real. I am not familiar with the seller. Maybe one of the other ladies has dealt with this seller.
  8. Are they discontinuing the PM as well? I mean the croissant MM.
  9. Only the Croissant GM is discontinued. The others are still being produced.
  10. Thanks Susu! :amuse:
  11. No problem!!!:biggrin: