Croissant GM Followers

  1. I'm trying to justify this...

    They have 5 left in the LV boutiques throughout the Holt Renfrew locations in Canada!


    (416) 922-2333 - ask for Lina, she'll find you one!!! She found me one :smile:
  2. Chestnuthannoverian:

    Do you live in Canada? If you don't live in Canada they won't ship you one :sad:
  3. aww I was pretty excited when I saw the thread title, so they won't ship it out US address?:sad2:
  4. I don't think they will.. this is the time to call your Canadian friends for a favour !
  5. Is the GM being discontinued??
  6. Susu1, let's talk ! I really want to see you united with your dream bag ! Maybe you can locate one at a LV store near me, authorize a payment and I can take it to the post office or Fedex or whathaveyou.