Croisette vs Favorite MM

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  1. I am absolutely in love with the DA print and have been contemplating adding this print to my collection. However, I’m stuck on which one I want, not sure if I want the Croisette or the favorite MM. I do know the favorite MM is a bit harder to find and that’s ok. It’s not going to be an everyday bag but I do plan on using whichever one I get as much as I can and are not going to be seasonally bags. I’d gladly appreciate all feedback. Xx C1800F1E-97DF-4CFD-812A-CE8646CAD1FC.jpeg 3BD8A9EF-46D1-41DD-A35E-57ACCAF4C082.jpeg
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  2. what’s your dilemma with your them? They both hold about the same amount and are cross bodies. The fav has a magnetic closure, so not as secure as the lock on the croisette. The fav is more casual, the croisette more feminine. I have both and use both equally often.
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  3. You actually answered my dilema lol. I’m not sure as to which one can be more of a “causal” yet not super casual bag. I do love the lock on the croisette but I’ve heard it’s hard to access sometimes.
  4. Croisette >>>> Favorite.

    I really think part of the Favorite's popularity is that it has a more affordable price tag. I would choose the Croisette over the Favorite any day.
  5. i second this. i have been looking at these two crossbody bags as well as the LV cléry and i think i have just about decided that the Favorite isn't the aesthetic i am going for, its a bit more casual. good luck and let us know what you decide!
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  6. I prefer the Favorite because it fits what I was looking for in that bag, which is casual and easy to get in and out of. Also, since it’s one of the more “affordable” LV bags, I don’t have to baby it as much as I would my PM or Vavin or other bags. It all depends on what you’re going for, I love the Croisette too but I was looking for a more casual bag so the Favorite fit that bill.
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  7. Croisette. I have the favorite in azur and while it looks cute I don’t love it. Doesn’t hold much and the closure is not secure enough for my taste. I think the croisette is more of a handbag you’ll use more often.
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  8. I prefer the look of the favorite especially if you’re going to wear it crossbody. I think either bag can be very casual or dressed up. Removing the favorite leather strap immediately makes it a lil more dressy.

    I do not like the tassel on the Croisette but it’s removable... I don’t love the favorite leather strap though, I don’t know why they didn’t make it like the Eva strap.
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  9. I much prefer the Croisette
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  10. Croisette.
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  11. I like both bags. :biggrin:
    I have the Favorite in DE and mono;; and it’s kind of my favorite. :biggrin: However, I also like the style of the croisette, but in DE.
    Sorry no help.
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  12. The lock on the croisette is not bad. It hasn’t deterred me from using it but the fav is definitely more casual. However I do think the Azur croisette is more casual than the DE one. I’d get the croisette in this case, I think it looks better of the two.
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  13. I vote for Croisette!!
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  14. If I would purchase a DA piece, it would be the Croisette. Some have commented on its cumbersome opening.

    however, I like the Croisette just not the Croisette price since it’s mostly canvas. At that price, you can land Alma BB in all leather.
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  15. Favorite, can be dressy can be casual, easy to wear, holds much better value resell and ages better than the other one
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