Croisette - Pouchette Metis comparison shots

  1. I was asked to give comparison shots of the new Croisette and the Pouchette Metis.

    For reference:

    Pouchette Metis
    Longest strap drop 22 inches

    9x7x3 - top of the bag tapers to 8 inches
    Longest strap drop 22 inches

    PM will hold more than the Croisette due to the slightly bigger size, pockets and non structured canvas. The Croisette is a little structured so will not allow for much give in the canvas.
  2. Great comparison pics. Both such lovely bags. Thanks for taking the time to do this very useful.
  3. Great pics, my two favourite bags, really hoping to get the croisette in June at Heathrow
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    They are definitely going to be well used this summer.
  5. Awesome comparison pics!!!! Mine will get lots of use this summer!!!
  6. Thanks the new Croisette! Surprisingly holds a lot!

  7. That little bag is very deceiving.
  8. Both bags are so beautiful. Very nice to see the photos.
  9. Thank you for all the pictures!