Croisette or Alma BB?

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  1. #1 Apr 9, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
    Between these two which would you pick?
    I borrowed the picture from istagram, hope that is ok!
    I need a small bag for running errands and traveling.
    I really love the Alma BB in RB but my problem is that the girlfriend of my fiancé's father, which I don't really like and she me neither I guess, has this bag in red and I don't want her to think I imitate or compete with her! It's her only designer bag but I have some and much more expensive ones also. Would you nevertheless buy what you like or is the Croisette the better choice anyway?

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  2. I've seen both bags. Depends how much you carry. The Croisette holds a little more. They are both pretty though. I think you should buy what you like.
  3. Both are cute and it's a hard decision! I've always wanted an Alma BB, but I never got one because I don't think it looks good on me. I still drool and daydream about it every time I see one [emoji23] Maybe one day I'll just get one so that I could (literally) drool all over it lol jk!

    I just got the Croisette last week and I love it! It's the perfect spring/summer bag. I think you should try them on at the store and see which one speaks to you. Good luck with your decision!
  4. My vote for croissette, I don´t have one of this bags. But for pic I like the style better.
  5. Tough decision between these two but my choice would be the Croisette because of slightly more capacity and it would be perfect for running errands. Buy what you like though.
  6. I own both of these bags and my croisette has really become my daily errand bag. The capacity is bigger, it can hold a full Sarah wallet if I need to take it. The interior slip pocket fits my Samsung galaxy Note 4 which was a huge shock to me. I wear both of these bags crossbody and I tend to worry more about color transfer if I'm wearing jeans if I am wearing my bb. While I love my bb, the opening is not ideal for me for daily use as it's a narrow, stiff opening that I still worry will scratch my wallet because no matter which one I take the teeth of the bb zipper still manage to graze it every time I pull it out or put it back in.

    While the alma bb is still a lovely bag that I'm happy to own, it is a staple bag style that LV will continue to carry for quite some time. The croisette is new and a shape that may not stick around. If I was forced to choose, I'd choose the croisette because of its functionality and because I knew it'd be easier to get an alma bb later in the future than the other way around.
  7. Alma bb
  8. I would personally buy the bag that makes my heart sing, regardless of who else might have it or what they may think. Don't let someone else's attitude or perceptions bully you away from what you love.
  9. Both are great but it seems like you want the Alma more. I'm with comments above - get the one you want. Who cares who else has it. This will be yours and you'll love it.
  10. Croisette to avoid the drama and because it holds more. I don't think of my alma bbs as functional errand bags. They are harder to get in an out of and have a pretty short drop on the strap, so not perfect for crossbody if your tall or well-endowed. So yeah, croisette for the purpose you want.
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  11. Both are beautiful but I have to say Croisette!
  12. I'd definitely choose the Alma BB. Epi leather is so sophisticated and this bag transitions well from day to night. The two hold about the same. My Alma BB easily holds all of my daily essentials. I love that it can be carried cross body, on the shoulder or by hand.

    As for worrying about someone else having the Epi Alma BB, in another color, I wouldn't go there. Those things just don't enter my decision- making process. I buy what suits my style and my bag needs. Buy the one you love most and will wear. Good luck deciding.
  13. +1 avoid drama and it looks more functional compared to the shape of the alma bb.
  14. I too would avoid the drama at all costs but having said that, my choice would still be the croisette. Maybe up the road you and the fiancé will become friendly and she will not be threatened with you choosing a similar bag. And as mentioned above, the alma bb is part of LV's permanent collection whereas the croisette may just be around for a limited time.

    But only you can decide- it is still a considerable investment and you should get what makes you happy irrespective of what others may think.
  15. Love the Alma BB in Rose ballentine!
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