Croisette-Must Return

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  1. I have look forward to receiving the Croisette to go with the wallet and key pouch pictured with it. Unfortunately, when I opened the bag the first thing I noticed was a fine accumulation of grey lint along with two small marks on the lining. The strap and tassel were inside the bag without any protective covering and wound in a circle. I had expected the tassel to be attached to the bag. It was apparent to me it is probably a return. LV customer service was very nice so back it goes. It is such a shame because it is the cutest bag, light weight and the perfect small summer bag.

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  2. i've watched several videos on this bag and many girls mention that the tassel comes inside - some helpful SA's pre-attach it for you to the front or side... i suppose if you're coming into the store for pick-up it's already done on your behalf. it sounds like you ordered online?? are you getting another? it's a lovely bag and the shape is beautiful.
  3. Thanks for the information as that is good to know. I would keep it but for the marks inside the lining on the flap of the bag. One is an ink mark so perhaps it could be removed but I don't want to do so on a new bag. It is a lovely bag and I more than likely will get another one at a later date if there are any available.
  4. why don't you exchange it rather than returning it?
  5. Good news all around. The LV rep called back and told me she had found a new bag for me so I am very happy! They are overnighting it and it will be here tomorrow. Very excellent customer service.
  6. That is awesome! I'm glad you'll get it in time. I know I'd be so disappointed if I'd planned on having the bag for the trip.
  7. Thanks UnaVS, I am so looking forward to being away and I really am pleased about the bag.
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