Croisette marina

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  1. I love :heart:the new croisette marina bags? What do you think about it? Do you think it will get dirty fast?
  2. I love them, too!! I think they will get pretty dirty though. I had to talk myself out of it because I have 2 small kids.
  3. I like that bag too. It seems like it would get dirty to me but wait for someone who owns it to post! Your cat is cute!
  4. I LVoe the bag, but for me, it would be a total dirt pretty to look at, though !!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm going to find out the hard way. I bought it already but since it's cold and snowy here, I'm not going to use it for another 3 months or so.
  6. They are gorgeous. I am thinkinf og getting one.
  7. They are gorgeous bags, but I agree with the others ... I think they'll get dirty real easy. If you like that style, how about the black denim cabby?
  8. I love the Marina. I think it's so beautiful. Don't personally like the Neo Cabby, it must be the denim. I like the look of the lighter colors. Maybe you can scotch guard it or something.
  9. I love the Marina in the red color, but I worry about the white handles getting dirty and I think there is no way to keep them clean, anyone know a good secret?
  10. I love the Marina in both the red and the blue. I also really like the speedys, but I am very nervous of light coloured bags. I would be interested in hearing from people who have them.
  11. saw another TPF-er wearing it with jeans most of the time. She hasn't complaint about the easy-dirty factor yet, so..........stepping over this and the fact I'm thirty-something (since I like the red/pink one and it's a bit girlish)....I love it too much!:love: And it's mine :yahoo:
  12. Lucky you!!! :tup: It's a very beautiful bag. So girlish. Is it heavy and does it come with a shoulder strap? And the colour red, is it really red it seems much like pink to me?
  13. Love this bag
  14. i think the croisette bags are pretty, but i read in another thread that the material is susceptible to staining.
  15. in the care booklet, it says something about anti-staining, so i'm assuming there is some coat to it. I still have to bust mine out so can't really comment on the dirt factor. i dont wear a lot of jeans, i wear sweats most of the time so maybe i wont accrue too much dirt or color transfer :smile: