Croisette Bags

  1. How much longer do you think they will be availiable for?

    I am debating getting one, but there is so many other things I want . I am not sure wether to hold of for a few months or not.
  2. Not sure....probably when they're gone, they'll be gone. You should get one soon if you really want one.
  3. I want a croisette GM but cannot find one!!!
  4. kimmy, I don't think the Mini Lin Croisette line will be around for too long. It is a seasonal line so when the items sell out that will be it. I still see some items around in the boutiques but they are slowly diminishing. If you really like the bag, you should get it now while you still can.

    princess_eab, are you looking for the Marina GM? I saw a red one in the NYC Saks. You can give them a call (212) 940-2212, they can ship it to you if they still have it. If not, call the 866# and they can locate one for you and the store will also ship to you. The shipping charge is about $10.
  5. I think cruise usually hangs around stores for 4-6 months depending on how popular they are example striped denim cruise from last year big Raye bag disappear almost straight away little bag hung around ages

    It released Nov (?) so I really wouldn't hang around if you like it the clock is ticking
  6. Thank you!!! oops, though.... I meant the PM, not the GM! :s
  7. You can still call the 866# and ask them to locate one for you. If they can find a store that still has it they will connect you to the store and the SA there will take your CC and address and ship it to you. I hope you can get one. I have the blue PM and :heart: it.
  8. I picked up the Marina in blue and I love it! I am not sure how long they will keep them around? I think this bag could be such a classic for spring, it feels so fresh and nautical. Love it!
  9. Kimmy, I notice it's harder to find the Marina PM where I's been really limited, so I assume the whole line will be the same in a few months....remember when the Mirage came out in Sept, and none were around by Christmas???
  10. 866 should have no problem finding one for you. In the last week I have been to both stores in Boston and both stores in NYC, there were some around for sure. But as the others have suggested I would move on it because this line will not be restocked.