1. After hearing and reading how comfortable the Crocs were, I went out and bought the cleo and capri. Yes, it is comfortable but is it really worth the money. Right after I bought mine, I wore it and just only a few hours later, I found the bottom soles wearing down significantly. Did anyone exprerience this?
  2. yes, they do wear down pretty quickly. And per their website: "...just like a performance tire, when the treads become worn, their slip-resistant nature will be compromised. That¹s when you know it's time to treat your feet to a new pair." Not sure how long they're supposed to last, however...
  3. I have a few pairs of crocs and love them. my bf has a pair of wears them all the time. his are worn down, but still have plenty of life left in them.
  4. I love the cleo so much that I just went out and bought 2 more pairs in different colours this afternoon. Will be heading out to pick up 2 pairs or capris tomorrow.
  5. a few hours? No way, take them back.

    My kids have been wearing theirs for a year, and I eman WEARING them! Like dragging them when coasting on a bike and everything! My kids are just starting to wear.
  6. I thought they were for gardening..
  7. I got mine (bright pink, make my feet look huge, lol) as a b-day gift and use them when I take out the garbage...
  8. I love the cleo.. i have mine in red & silver.. for Crocs...they're very feminine...might get the all black one soon...ekekeke.
    Yup, the soles (esp the heel part) do seem to wear down a bit...but they still have a long way to go IMO.
  9. I think I'm going to give in and get a pair, but strictly for the garden!
  10. My mom wanted a pair so I got her one...she brought it on a trip so when she comes back, I'll see how badly they're worn out!
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::yahoo:
    Yeah they do look like gardening shoes:wtf:
  12. I just googled crocs and didn't realize that they have other designs, lol. I thought the turtle looking shoe that all the toddlers wear was it!

    And, I was here wondering why in world would nurses (etc) wear these turtle looking shoes to work?! haha

    Now that I've seen their selection, I wouldn't mind purchasing a pair to wear around the house.
  13. Yeah, I thought I would NEVER be caught wearing Crocs thinking the big ugly clogs were the only style there was until I one day I saw all the different other ones there was.

    I just love the Cleo as soon as I saw them, very dainty and femine. Now I have 3 pairs of Cleo, 2 pairs of Capris and 1 Athens.

    As I said, I was disappointed how the thread on the the heals just wore off so significantly after 2 hours and I didn't even do that much walking. In any case, it is very comfortable and great to wear in the water.

    I am wondering if it is worth the price we pay. I am from Canada and it definitey cost a bit more that US price plus 15% taxes.
  14. I recently bought crocs maryjanes called alice they are very cute and pretty comfy! they just came out. I think they came to $30.mine are black but I believe they also come in red!