Crocs as a bag charm ...?

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Crocs keychain as bag charm

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Only with certain bags.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Saw this little Crocs key chain yesterday.
    As I am irresistably drawn to things miniature ... I bought it.
    Would you use this as a bag charm? Yes, no, or only with certain bags?
    CrocKeyChain.jpg CrocasBagCharm.jpg
  2. Ack! That's so cute! I would consider using it as a bag charm, but probably for a fun, summer/spring bag and something that wasn't leather...but that's just me...LOL!
  3. i hate shoe or in keychain form. sorry!!!
  4. I'm a huge Croc fan! Especially of some of new, cuter styles so I say yes, put it on your summer bag and enjoy!
  5. COMPLETELY agree. Sorry, just not for me at all.
  6. :nogood:
  7. That is adorable!!! I don't have crocs myself, but my kids do. My BIL bought a pair the last time he was in the States to visit, and he tells me that he gets compliments on them from the people he works with. (He is in Paris, and works as a TV producer.) :shrugs:

    Crocs are just SO ugly they cross the line back into cuteness. That little keychain get me , I don't know why :okay:.

    Thanks for sharing it- will you come back and post a pic of what you end up using it with??
  8. Looove it! That is so cute. Did it come in other colors? Crocs may not be the most attractive shoe in the world but they are the most comfortable. And thats what matters to me! I would much rather be comfortable in Crocs than be in an expensive pair of uncomfortable heels just so people can look and say "ooh look at her shoes." Who cares!
  9. LOL! I'm not overly fond of Crocs ... the only pair I own are the ones that look like a ballerina flat, and I only wear those around the house for slippers - pretty comfy :yes:. But I did like them in this miniature form.
    Thanks, candy2100 - I'm still not sure what I would use it with - most probably not with the LV I held it up against in the photo (there seem to be enough people who look at me as though I were carrying a fake - in their eyes, a little croc hanging from the handle would probably confirm it. ;))
  10. katybug1986, they did come in other colours ... i saw them in black, pink, red, dark blue ... and maybe brown?
  11. Me too, not for me AT ALL, in any shape or form.

  12. Love it, I am a sucker for all things miniature.
  13. I think it's a cute charm, but I despise those shoes - so I voted no.
  14. I think adorable on a canvas tote, like from LLBean or Lands End...
  15. LOL! I dont like crocs like the next girl, but that is absolutely adorable!