Crocs anyone?

  1. I know that a lot of people will think that they are hideous, but they really are the most comfortable things. I have a pair in silver, and I'm thinking about getting another. I really love them :love: .

  2. when did these become popular? What is the story behind them. My students wear them and they are so cute with them on (since my students are 2 -4 yrs). What's the story?
  3. I love 'em!!
  4. They are super-comfortable. I wear them when I work at the hospital and it is such a relief to not have aching feet!
  5. woah! Those are great in silver. I had no idea they made silver ones. The best story I have about crocs- I once saw an entire family wearing red ones. Mommy, Daddy, and son. It was SO cute.
  6. not really a fan for me... i don't like any 'jelly'-like shoes
  7. I'm not sure how they became so popular since most people seem to think that they are hideous. I just love how inexpensive they are, that they are super comfy, and come in many great colors. They are great just to tool around in. I've heard "kids" sports teams buying them up in team colors, etc. I think they are just really fun.
  8. same here....:whistle: :whistle:
  9. I fall into the "I think there hideous" catagory. :sad: