Crocodiles, Snakes and Choo, Oh My.

  1. Anacondas,
    bags for Ms Hughes 002.jpg
  2. Pythons
    bags for Ms Hughes 006.jpg
  3. and crocodiles
    bags for Ms Hughes 005.jpg
  4. Oh my!!
    bari 002.jpg bari 001.jpg
  5. Wow. Love them all!
  6. Lionlaw - Love the bags, but most of all, I LOVE YOUR SHOES! I have the red Dee as well. They're one of my favorite shoes.
  7. lionlaw, you better be in Europe. :wtf: I - have - been - :drool: and waiting in vain for the white python Alex!! Please tell me you're in Europe because if you're in US and it's actually here in the US - it's the :death: of moi! How was it?? Was it heavy?? OMG!:nuts:
    It's real!:wtf:
  8. love the croc!!!!! what color is it?? It looks black
  9. Oh my :drool:
  10. Its midnight blue. the light wasnt good so it is darker than it is in real life. I love the bag and ended up buying it !! Gulp. My wallet is now offically going to explode.
  11. Yep, its in the UK. It is 1978.72 pounds. Its no heavierthan the ramona. The cool thing is the strap extends and can be worn longer if you want instead of shoulder.
  12. oh lionlaw:drool:.....wonderful haul:woohoo:...i love everything!:love: well done!:tup:

  13. Wow!!!! Can't wait to see some more pics -- that bag packs some punch!!! I love the color too. I think midnight blue is a fantastic neutral.
  14. Which store did u get it in by any chance?!

    you should definitely post modelling pics! Congrats on ur purchase!
  15. Love them all, especially the Alex and Bari! :yes: