Crocodiles living in the mountains of HIMALAYA? no kidding...

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  1. So I tried to figure out where is reptile comes from but the only reference we found was a Himalayan Croc Nuet. Okay they are toooo small to make a birkin. So are they pull the wool over our eyes when it comes to Croc skins. Are these skins just bleached? Does anyone know?
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    This is the Himalayan Croc Newt :hrmm:

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  3. thanks arisoup
  4. here is a Nepalese croc.

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  5. scary creatures.....
  6. Oh no this is scary!
  7. omg these pics of crocodiles really gave me a real diffierent perspective of seeing crocodile on handbags!
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    That newt is not a real "crocodile", thus the latin name is diffrent from the crocs, it's a salamander. =) I'm not sure if this is the species they use for the bags though? It looks more like normal croc tbh.
  9. Perhaps they use the nepalese croc, as the Himalayas also seems to cover Nepal?
  10. I took some pics of crocs this past summer, definately a different way of looking at these lovely creatures! They are huge!


    And a baby croc!

  11. At one time, I had an alligator under my dock about 10 - 12 foot long. My SA and I had a good laugh. I told her I was going to wrestle it and would H make me a bag? BTW, I live in Fl!

  12. Hermes only selects crocs that have been fed an entirely organic diet and had daily massages with Meltonian............................:P

  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    And drink beer while listening to Bach to relax.
  14. Why don't they use the latin name in this case anyways, they do for the others...
  15. So is the Himalayan Croc handbag made from Nepalese crocs? I don't know why H calls it "Himalayan Croc" when the other ones have proper species names, Porosus and Niloticus.