Crocodile Wallet here I come!

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  1. To cap off an amazing night at the Louis Vuitton Cocktail Reception for the 2007/2008 Fall Winter Ready-To-Wear Presentation at South Coast Plaza, I stopped in to see my SA and ask him to find the Crocodile Billfold that I've been lusting after for a few months now!!! I'm going to use this as my graduation present for myself!!! Just wanted to share with you guys cause only you would understand!

    PS- You can read about my night here...
  2. No one does croc quite like H, i hope the wallet comes in soon for you, which color and style did you decide on?
  3. Oh congratulations to both the graduation and the wallet... a croc wallet is just fabulous. I saw one by LV in glossy black: very, very gorgous.
  4. wow let us know when you get it
    would it be porous ??
    Its good to reward yourself
  5. Mr Posh Spice, I have an Hermes shiney croc billfold/'s a men's style and I've enjoyed it a lot. It goes everywhere ( inside my H bag, of course ) and it easy to use because it has no clasp. I just open and fold close. I always envy the ease of use of many men's styles and this is a great example.

    I feel you will love your wallet!
  6. Fabulous graduation gift!
  7. I'm not quite sure the name of it, but it's essentially a billfold with 8 credit card slots. And I went with the Noir with Glossed finish. I hope it comes in soon! And this weekend I'm going up to Beverly Hills to try and hunt down the Buenaventura Messenger...:graucho: wish me luck!
  8. oh, please post pics. i'm thinking about getting something like this for my brother down the road. i would do the same for my DH but he's more of the barenia type.
  9. Congrats! You will love it...and never be able to have any other kind of wallet again.
    I've had my Alligator Mat wallet in natural Barenia color(this year Hermes has renamed this color to Fauve) for about 5 years now....and it is still a huge pleasure to use it every day. The beauty of it is simply amazing. Definitely money well spent.

    When it gets there :smile: !
  11. Mr. PS You Must Be So Happy! I Am So Happy For You!!! & Congratulations On Your Graduation (What A Gift!):flowers:
  12. O please show us the pic. Dieing to know how goregeous it would be
  13. Just a little update...talked to my SA today, and he told me that if I wasn't in a rush it will be transferred out to my store after June 7th. He mentioned that all the stores are doing inventory and that the other store wanted to do a charge send but he's getting it for me after so that I can have a good look at it first...
  14. OH, fantastic Mr PS!!! What great news and what a nice SA you have!!!

    Congratulations to you, its a great gift to you, and I am sure you will absolutely love it! Cannot wait to see pictures....

    (LZ, I am really loving your avatar, BTW!!)