Crocodile vs. Alligator

  1. Is crocodile better than alligator? Does it look different?
  2. Crocodile will have a pore in each scale, which is actually a hair follicle. Alligator will not have it. IMO, I find the crocodile more appealing, especially the porosus, because it's a finer scale.
  3. I just bought a Mississippi alligator Bearn in Fushia. I have no idea what it looks like yet because my SA told me about it over the phone and I'll be receiving it next Tuesday. Is it better to wait for crocodile?
  4. The alligator is nice, too. I just saw a bunch of alligator Bearns in my store, but passed because I ended up getting a Birkin today. If you wait for the croc, it may be a while. They're having a shortage on exotic skins from what my SA tells me.
  5. I don't think it makes as much difference in a wallet but for bags I much prefer the more subtle scale pattern of porosus croc. :smile:
  6. Thanks hermesgroupie and Greentea...I know i'd like the smaller scale too, but I think it would take forever to get a croc Bearn.
  7. Hello lovehermes, I don't think it's a matter of which is better but which is rarer, and therefore more desirable to many people. Some people don't care about the size/uniformity of the scales as long as it is leather from a croc species.

    Croc porosus is rarer than Croc niloticus and generally has smaller and more even scales that both niloticus and alligator. Croc porosus, by the way, is a saltwater croc , and I believe Hermes acquires it from Australia. Croc niloticus, on the other hand, is a freshwater croc. I think Hermes acquires theirs from Zimbabwe.

    Although alligator is still a crocodilian, it does not have the "sensory organ pores" that you see in each scale of croc skin. However, alligator skin does have a feature that you do not see in croc skin--the "umbilical scar". It has a distinctive web-like appearance. If you have a chance to look at croc and alligator pieces at the store, take a close look at the scales! It's very interesting! HTH!
  8. Thanks for the info Otingocni!! I guess they are all beautiful! I think alligator is less expensive than crocodile. The alligator Bearn is about $3650. USD....I wonder what the price of crocodile would be?

    Oh and LOVE your Avatar...are those all your bags? Just beautiful!!
  9. You're welcome, lovehermes. Yes, alligator is less expensive than crocodile. Thanks for the kind words about my avatar! Yes, they are mine. The bags I photographed are the

    Kelly 28 rigide in Fuchsia Chevre de Coromandel/Silver
    Kelly 32 souple in Rouge H Chevre de Coromandel/Silver
    Birkin 30 in Rouge Vif Chevre de Coromandel/Silver
  10. Oh love your bags!! I have a Rouge Vif box 35 rigide Kelly and never thought that another bag in the red family would be ok...thought it would be repetitious, but I guess not by your beautiful collection. I'm thinking.
    Do you know if chevre is a new leather? I've only seen it recently.
  11. Lovehermes, thank you! No, Chevre is not a new leather; Hermes has been using it for a while now. It's just it seems that many more people are taking to it a LOT more lately!
  12. Excellent info!!! Thanks!!:yes: :yes:
  13. It's amazing how much I learn from this forum! Virtual karma to you OTINGOCNI!
  14. You're very kind, beaumonde. Thank you and same to you!
  15. That's very interesting Otti, I always wondered what type of crocs Porosus and Niloticus were, and where they came from...thanks!:biggrin: