Crocodile Totes...


Jul 31, 2007
Sunny California!
I LOVE the Fendi Crocodile tote that Ashley Olsen carries around but that wont be out again till spring 2008...I was wondering what other kinds of Crocodile totes there are...I've seen the Chanel one which was like $45,000! GORGEOUS! however I cannot spend that much money for a bag but I was wondering if anyone has seen some other nice croc totes / leather stamped croc totes within an affordable price? since i know REAL croc bags are not less than $10,000 =(

here are some that I love but are way too pricy and are only for those who can afford which isn't me! i tried searching on google "crocodile totes" however it didn't really help me....any suggestions? i even looked on ebay but didn't see any i liked...

Chanel Croc tote:

Fendi Croc Tote:

I saw this armani tote however I want to see more pics of it which i can't find...and it's w/in a reasonable price....$975.00

however i feel as if i could find something i'd like more than this...

TIA =)