Crocodile Quilted Chain Bag: Be still my beating heart!

  1. I spyed pictures of the new croc quilted chain bags in a magazine and had to sit down! :drool: I'm really loving these bags, especially the purples!
    What do you gals think? Are the croc quilts doing it fer ya?

    Found a picture from marie claire. :yes:

  2. very pretty....but too ex...
  3. [​IMG]
  4. wonder how much these would set me back?
  5. I think these bags are very pretty and the colors are great, but I agree with IceEarl - very expensive for a cloth bag. (I don't remember the exact price.)
  6. They are gorgeous, though!
  7. I think they are gorgeus and very unique!! I love the purple too, so luxurious!!
  8. I :heart::heart::heart: Coco's Croco! What is with the strap on the purple one in the big picture?????
  9. Under the Chanel Shopping thread Chanelboy posted about these...
    if I remember right they are like $3k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
  10. Nice, but way too expensive for a cloth bag. I would prefer to pay more and get it in leather.
  11. I love them, but won't buy them. They are a bit over $3k. Can't justify that price for a non leather bag.
  12. they are gorgeous, esp. the purple but too pricey :sweatdrop:
  13. i think they are pretty but too expensive for me !
  14. Attention Dear Ladies Hehe!