crocodile paddy

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  1. i love the slouchiness of the paddy but i'd be willing to sacrifice some of that slouchiness if i could get my hands on this gorgeous $12,880 version of the paddy.....

    usually not a big fan of reptile/weird yucky animal skins but there's something about the bag in crocodile that's's more formal, more classic, more everything........

  2. ^^Gorgeous-nothing left to say!
  3. I love it, but not too fond of the color.
  4. It's beautiful but tht amount of money I wold spend on a Hermes not a paddy.
  5. My hubby would lock me up in a loony bin if I spent that much on a bag!( YOU should have seen his face when I wore my Spy bag the very first time...hee.hee....!!!!!!!)
  6. Oh my goodness...that is lovely! :nuts:
  7. I totally agree....
  8. looks too stiff...
  9. It's gorgeous- but I agree with Tanja- I would spend the money on a Birkin before a Paddy!
  10. I *love* that bag. I'm may be one of the few who'd (maybe!) take this over a Birkin. Absolutely gorgeous.
  11. hmm i'm on the fence about this one. i'm not sure i like it...
  12. I agree. The slouchyness and softness of the leather of the paddy is why I like it :love:
  13. co-sign.
  14. I agree with the too stiffness. I love croc in general, but if it was slouchy, I think it would look rather strange. I don't think this bag would ever overtake the Birkin or the Kelly for that matter.
  15. I don't know if the croc matches the paddy. For example the croc matches the brikin it is a status bag and it is a very elegant bag. A paddy is suppose to be slouchy and fun. Its hard for me to express what I mean, I can;t find the right words.