Crocodile owners....!!!

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  1. Hi....I am SAD!!!!!!!!! This time 'HUGELY SAD'!

    Okay...I am very very careful with all of my croc. Birkins as they are very expensive and they are my babies:P...

    I know you have to be careful with water with croc. but I never had this water issue with croc as I ALWAYS carry garbage plastic bag with croc.

    I decided to take out my porosus matte havane 35cm with GH for the first time to the dinner with my DH, my DH's friend and his wife. As usual I had my plastic garbage bag in my bag. It started to rain pretty hard all of sudden middle of dinner. But I was not worried at all since I had my usual 'protection', which it NEVER gave me any 'raining problem' with croc.

    I had little too much margarita & not feeling too well when we got out of the restaurant. My DH' friend's wife offered to help me walk to our car (my DH was getting our car to bring it closer to me) and hold the bag. I thought it was better idea to accept her kind help than dropping my bag or something.

    When I got back my bag from her, the plastic bag was on my bag little differently from how I put it before I gave it to her...AND there are a couple of water marks from rain:wtf::wtf::wtf:!!!!!!!!!!!! It's still there after LONGGGG hours..the does NOT even get lighter nor less visible!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am REALLY SAD!!!!!!!!!! I blame myself! I almost cried! My DH said 'It's just a bag. It's gonna happen soon or later if you use it. You can't keep it perfect unless you never use it.' I know what he is saying...but AHHHHH!!!!

    I don't know...I am was my first time taking out this baby...I paid a fortune for this one as I bought it at Hermes in Asia...As you guys know, prices in Asia and Australia are crazy! I am not a neutral bag girl BUT matte havane with GOLD hardware is an exception for me...I LOVEEE this one:crybaby:....

    Has anyone had similar experience with crocodile (or any of your bags you LOVE so much)??? Am I the only pathetic one injured such an expensive baby on the first day taking out? I want to shoot myself!!!!!!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Aspenmartial, please don't worry. I know of tpfrs who have had MUCH worse happen to their bags (let's just say, liquids and food related to small children). Bring it into H asap and have them take care of it. They can try their best. I know my friend got her havanne croc back and it looked AMAZING. Chin up sweetie. It will all work out!:heart: Oh, btw, this friend had it happen to her SEVERAL TIMES!!!! All worked out just fine.
  3. I don't think it can be fixed..Any suggestions to make it better...???PLEASE HELP!!!
  4. Thank you...I feel little bit better now...But I am still sad...can't get over it...:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  5. Don't press into the croc. Just dab...I know sometime has passed. Try to get her to H tomorrow. Are you close to one? It's the only thing you can do at this time. Do not try to fix her at home. It's the one thing all my SAs tell me whenver I buy ANYTHING from H. Seriously, you will be amazed what they can do. Don't be angry or upset, but I know how you feel. Things happen, not your fault at all sweetie.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about this, Aspenmartial. It's so heartbreaking just to hear of it. I would say, get another one! or just don't look too closely. It's still beautiful with the water marks. *HUGS*
  7. If there is a silver lining in the dark cloud, it is that after this incident, you will be less afraid to use the bag - it's like after your brand new car has its first scratch etc...

    I think Hermes can do something about it (perhaps make it look less obvious by giving your bag an overcoat of conditioner so the overall bag darkens). Havanne is a dark(ish) color so a dark spot will not be so obvious.
  8. How big are the spots ASPEN and where are they? Front? Back?
  9. I agree with Archangel. Get your bag to Hermes & good luck. It is so painful when rain happens to croc.
  10. It's on the FRONT!!! You can't miss them!!!!!!!!!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: They are about a quater inches each... pretty visible size for know what I mean...???

    I don't think water marks can be removed(from what I've heard and read...please correct me if I am wrong! I am sooo hoping I am wrong on this!)...I am dead....cooked...:Push::crybaby:!!!
  11. Oh, sweet J, I'm so sorry to hear about this mishap. I honestly don't know if Claude can work his magic on your bag, but do know it would be good to get it to him asap. Your DH is one in a zillion for focusing on you and not the bag, and trying to find the words to comfort you.
  12. So sorry, aspen.

    These water marks don't go away. They are permanent stains. That said, a good polish at H, will give it a good shine, and make the marks less obvious.

    I do agree with archangel and Sus.
  13. :hugs:

    , I'm so sorry this happened .... :sad: Here's hoping that H can help fix the bag or at least make it less noticeable...
  14. J, I am so very sorry! I know you are greatly upset by this mishap. I know we are suppose to know that they are JUST BAGS, but that is just something we can't always process.
    You have had very good advice in this thread, follow thru ASAP.
    Again, I am so sorry about your baby!
  15. So sorry to hear about what happened, aspenmartial! I would feel pretty bad too. But your husband is right, at the end, it is a bag, and if you were to choose between a happy day with your DH and 3 kids and the bag, you'd no doubt choose a happy day. It's definitely a good thing that your bag is a havanne; I think in time the water spots would blend in more--the overall skin would age and nature will take its course. Meanwhile, hang in ther, take a look at your beautiful, TDF collection! Hugs to you!