Crocodile Lockits

  1. Croc Lockits ,, what r ur thoughts people??
    a timeless peice or not worth it??
    If u do like it, which color/size?

    i like the PM in black ;) ,, but i want to get ur thoughts
    plus anybody knows the release date for these items??
    I have seen one but it was a display only and it was STUNNING!!!:drool::drool:
  2. That's news to me i didn't know crocodile lockits are coming out.
  3. They are stunning bags.
  4. THEY R BEAUTIFUL!! but which color/size combination would u choose?
  5. Geez, I wonder how much they would cost?
  6. So, when are they coming out??And will they be three sizes like the mono or just the normal lockit like they did with Epi??
  7. well the PM is 8550 GB POUNDS!!!! not dollars!! :wtf:
    and the MM is a bit over 10.000 POUNDS!!(both including tax)

    keep in mind that 1 GBP= 2 USD
  8. Well ,, theyre coming in 2 sizes ,, PM and MM(exactly like the suhali) and no words can express how beautifl they r :heart: but the prices ,,, :sweatdrop:
  9. if i was going to buy a croc bag it would NOT be from LV.
    hermes do better colours in croc. i would die for a brighton blue croc kelly.
  10. Hermes's croc birkins and kelly R indeed stunning!! but we're talking about LV crocs ,, and the colors the lockits come in r AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. they look good but they just dont apeal to me. black would be my choice if i had to pic. black is classic and black croc ages nicely.
  12. I like the blue croc lockit, Karrey they'll most likely be made to order so there not exactely coming out if you know what I mean
  13. ^Same here, I like either blue or black.
  14. I never knew there was a croc lockit!
    But i would never get it cause i don't buy any fur or animal skin items.
  15. but arnt monogram bags made of animal leathers?? :confused1: