Crocodile Kelly Clutch?

  1. What do think about the Kelly clutch with the handle on top in croc? Is it too limited in use--evening--to justify the cost?
  2. I would use it all the time. :love:
  3. I would love one. You can take it to several different events.

    Note: I want a red Croc.

    Can Croc be worn all year?
  4. I say there are limits to the use of it. However, it really depends alot as to what stage of life that you are in. I know for me I have three toddlers and it would get minimal to no use. If you are single and you go out alot...dress appropriately...or married and enjoy a life with your hubby...I say by all means yes. It is a tough one to answer and not know you.
  5. Thanks for the input. I would definitely use it for nice dinners out and dressy events. Maybe I should have just asked if people like this bag--the shape, style, look of it. Also, I don't know if there is a difference between the Kelly clutch (Kelly Mini Pouchette--the one I am looking at) and the JPG Kelly clutch. The one I'm looking at looks like a little Kelly with a flattish handle on top.
  6. It sounds beautiful. I agree with Kellybag about recognizing what stage of life you are in as far as usability.
  7. pampered, I believe you're describing the JPG clutch. And, yes, it is a lovely little bag and especially so in crocodile. I went back and forth between one of these and an H bracelet at Christmas.....*sign* the bracelet won out, only because I felt I would get more wear out of it.

    Below is the one I almost bought:heart: in Rouge H.....
  8. I'm in a confused state of life-mature but rejuvenated--a child still in grade school, grown children and grandchildren--bi-coastal--somewhat sophisticated traveling lifestyle.
  9. OMG!:wtf: I am IN LOVE!!!:love:
  10. don't know but if i had one i'd wear it all the time!! ;)
  11. I would LOVE one, but I think they are about $8000, or 9000,... so expensive, and not extreemly practical in size, I think it is good for evenings, but that would be it for me.
  12. Oh, I love it! I would use it all the time. It would blend right in here in New Jersey.
  13. Exactly, avandome! If I went out a lot or lunched a lot this little bag would be perfect. But, I don't....and when offered one at Christmas, I selected my gold H bracelet instead as it was something I would wear everyday.

    Of course, IF I just HAD to have one I'd buy, maybe that's the bottom line and the other is just an excuse?
  14. I second Kellybag regarding what stage of life you're in. I absolutely love that bag, but have easily resisted considering the price vs. the amount of time it would get used. If you're a social butterfly, go for it!
  15. I think it's a great way to have the joy of a croc bag w/o spending $20k and up. You could wear it in the daytime for parties/lunches, whatever. And as an evening bag, it would be fantastic!