Crocodile Feeding Frenzy...

  1. Hello ladies! (and gents)

    It's been a little while since I posted, but I'm still on my quest to find my wife her very first Birkin. Thanks again to everyone who's been helping me along; things have been going well, and I have been working on establishing a relationship with an SA, but rather suddenly a new opportunity has fallen in my lap... a nurse I work with has decided to sell her year-old, red crocodile birkin before Christmas, and her asking price is $12,000. Is this a huge amount for a crocodile birkin? It's a bit more than I was planning on spending, but it would be so nice to just get it now and know it's authentic rather than waiting for the H store or "gambling online". She's giving me first dibs, but she won't hold it much longer, as several of my co-workers have already inquired about it. I hadn't even considered crocodile before now, and I must say that the idea of killing a near-endangered species for it's skin doesn't sit so well with me, but this would just be so convenient :shame: I've been given at least until tommorrow night to make a decision before she releases the croc to the wolves, so to speak. Any thoughts/advice would be most appreciated!
  2. That isnt a huge amount for a croc Birkin; that is VERY reasonable (well under retail, and even less than what it's worth) if it's in good shape! I'd make sure it was authentic, though, before buying, because it's weird that she would sell it that low when she could sell it on eBay for more!
  3. I agree with RBB. The asking price is really low considering that a small croc Birkin retails for around $23K pre-tax ; I'd make sure it was authentic first. Also, would your wife be okay with a pre-owned bag?
  4. I was going to mention this, good point. A croc Birkin is such an amazing bag that she might not mind it being preowned if it is in perfect shape; however, she may prefer a new bag from the store, and this is definitely something to consider, though it's hard to ask her if you want it to be a surprise!
  5. I agree wholeheartedly with the points raised by both RBB and Orchids.

    If you are not totally 100% certain that the bag IS authentic (and believe me, it's very difficult to tell sometimes--although other times not so much, LOL) then I would pass. That price is supercheap.

    And lots of women wouldn't be thrilled about receiving a preowned bag from their DH--although if it were red croc and it were me, I'd be OK with it. LOL

    Last point: ALL of Hermes' crocs come from farmed animals and come with a CITES certificate which states that they are not from an endangered species. 1) this bag should have a CITES, and 2) there's nothing being endangered in this instance so your social conscience should be OK, assuming that you're OK with leather, etc., in the first place which you obviously are ;)
  6. Thanks razor and orchids! I trust this person implicitly, and she purchased it directly from an H boutique. She is trying to free up some cash for a new car for her husband (also my coworker), and doesn't want to deal with the hassle of an online auction. As for the condition, I am going by their house tonight to see it, but she is so wonderfully OCD that I'm sure it's pristine. I think I'll have to blow my cover and check with DW if she's ok with the pre-owned status. Thanks again!
  7. Um. Will you marry me?

    Just kidding!! LOL
  8. Thanks Cyn, that actually does makes me feel quite a lot better. Though with the leather, I usually justify it to myself that the cow will be eaten anyhow, so why not make the most of it ;)
  9. Cynthia your married. Now I on the other hand.....
  10. Haha! That's funny. If you ladies knew how much the DW has to put up with, the appeal would quickly fade, I'm sure! :yes:
  11. ^
    You're already busy cynthia, I'm not... :jammin:

    seriously though, GET IT! you can sell it at a profit if your wife doesen't like it (and in that case, she should go straight to a mental institution as well. Just kidding. ;) )
  12. Oh good point, ReneH--you can have him. Wait--he's married too. :lol:

    And yeah, Addict's Hubby, most of us do know what it's like to live with men ;) Why do you think we're all so sure we deserve Birkins?? :heart: :lol: (Kidding--you seem like a really great guy and hopefully this will work out and blow your wife's mind!)
  13. Thanks again everyone, I'm off to see the lizard!
  14. AH - FYI, the croc meat gets eaten, too. Quite a delicacy in some five-star restaurants here!
  15. Err is that a euphemism? :lol: