Crocodile Birkin Hypothentical Question


Mar 25, 2006
This is so exciting, pinkish!

I would try to order rose indienne + cocoan. (one rare colour and one easier to get colour.

PS: I had the choice of black or cocoan and I chose black only because I hadn't a black bag. If I've a non-exotic black birkin already, I am quite sure I would gravitate to choosing cocoan.

Do you know if the store manager will try her best to get you the colours you want? If she is nice, she will order ALL 4 colours, and see which one comes first!


Birkins Hunter
Jun 29, 2006
^^ Oh mrssparkles.. i'm not sure if i can order 4! I dont live in Paris so if they receive a bag and i'm not here!!! dunno!! if they accept my orders ill be very lucky.. ill see how i can arrange it with my BIL who lives here.

I seriously got tired of going everyday to the boutique to check what they have.. Crocodile Birkins are very difficult to come by unless they have ur name on them!!

Wish me luck!!