Crocodile Birkin Hypothentical Question

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  1. Hypothetically speaking.. If you have an option to place an order for two crocodile birkins:

    Bag 1: 30cm Blue Jean porosus crocodile with PH HW.. If it gets rejected.. then Blue Roi crocodile birkin with PH HW

    Bag 2: 30cm Havanne poro crocodile with GH HW.. If it gets rejected.. 30cm Cocoan (is it different than Havanne though??) or black crocodile with PH HW.

    OTHERS colors:

    - Rose Indienne crocodile with PH HW
    - Emerald crocodile with G HW

    SO.. would u stick with the options above or switch with one of the OTHERS options??

  2. For alternative for option 2, if Havvane gets rejected, I would choose cocoan over black. I mean black is STUNNING and TDF as well. But is seems that black is more available than color croc. I didn't realize how BEAUTIFUL cocoan could be until I saw it in real life! Literally, I could not breath for a while!
    My DH could not close his mouth for at least a couple of minutes as well, LOL!!!:graucho: :roflmfao:
  3. ^^ ok i need the "DH couldnt close his mouth part" at least for 5 minutes till i pay for the bag.. then DH can do the talking after leaving Hermes boutique lol

    Thanks aspen.. i wasnt sure if Havanne and cocoan are two different shades of brown :smile:
  4. i agree with aspen., emerald croc with GH sounds divine too!!! don't see that too often!! i would love to own an emer. green croc kelly too!!
  5. Cocoan!!!

    My favorite is beige-rose. But I think the cocoan is beautiful!!
  6. i dunno whether i can answer your qn pinkish_love coz' every single croc colors that you list are all my favorites, hehe. Without a doubt, rose indienne croc is the most flattering color of all and my no.1 choice. Rose indienne is not too dark, not too bright, not too pale, just perfect. No. 2, emerald green croc. You already have the blues and something similar to cocoan? (right? can't remember), but you don't have the greens. You might want to think about that. Glad you're ordering another croc birkin.
  7. oh to be in your shoes right now.:shame: my vote is for cocoan & rose indienne....:love: :love:
  8. dior.. my crocodile jpg is too big for everyday.. i love the color but unfortunately i'm not enjoying the bag as much as i enjoy 30cm size.

    hermes_lemming.. i'm not sure if i'm gonna use the rose indienne as much as ill use blue jean...
  9. I would go with blue jeans and emerald green croc as these are so special
  10. cocoan & Rose favourite is beige-rose, too!
  11. so obviousley i meant hypothetical in the subject lol

    If any kind mod would change that.. appreciated!:shame:
  12. i'm thinking.. first option

    blue jean and cocoan... these two will get best of use..

    2nd option would be.... emerald and rose indienne..not sure if these two colors would be accepted since they're very rare.. so i'm ruling out the black and havanne.. hmmmm........
  13. :love: still want to be in your shoes... or maybe just your closet. lol! lucky gal! let us know whatever your "hypothetical" decision will be. cheers!
  14. R u ordering 2?:nuts: Ooops I didn't see the earlier part. So you're ordering 2. BJ and Cocoan are great choice for you. But if you get to order rose indienne, you might want to coz' the color is rare and beautiful IRL. Gd luck. :smile:
  15. ^^ Its a hypothetical question:sweatdrop: lol

    Yes i am ordering two... but i'm not sure if they'll accept two orders here in Paris.. :s