crocodile balenciaga

  1. is at maxfield's in los angeles. i was in yesterday and saw it in a rich, chocolate brown! if anyone is interested, talk to luis, he's super nice-
  2. Wow! It must has a 5-digit price tag!
  3. yeah i saw a black on on eBay a while ago for like 16 grand or something
  4. they also have a camel type on in the balenciaga bangkok but i wouldn't buy from there as they tend be to SUPER expensive their cambon (sp?) wallets are 750 us dollars
  5. is it a first?
    the last time i went to maxfield, they had a camel croc first that was gorgeous...
    my bf had to drag me away from it...:lol:
  6. it's a work. they had other bal bags in croc and diff colors but i was too busy drooling over the stephen webster jewelry!!!