Croco wallet...which color is nicer IRL?

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  1. the cognac or the viola?
  2. I haven't seen either IRL... I'm sure they are both gorgeous but I'd totally go for the viola hehe
  3. I have the viola and it's fabulous! I haven't seen the cognac IRL, but it looks really nice too.
  4. They're both different ways. The Viola is a VERY dark purple...darker than one might expect...almost black. The Cognac is a rich medium brown...more typical of croc embossed could also call it Pecan. So do you want something trendy or more traditional? They're both stylish.
  5. I like Viola in the wallet. I have had all the colors but I gave the Turqouise and Emerald as gifts. The Viola I kept for me. It matches my Double Zippy and is a really sleek looking wallet. I think the Cognac looks a little more casual. And really for all intent and purposes it is a black color. Only under harsh bright light can you see purple showing through.
  6. wish LP would restock the croco wallets in viola... :love:
  7. Me too. I was stupid not to get one at that price. What a time to have an uncharacteristic moment of restraint!!