CROCO: Shiny or Matte preferences????

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  1. Hi, So I'm just wondering if you ladies here prefer the Matte or the shiny version of crocodile for birkin??? esepecially for black color.

    Are there any difference in price between the two?

    and Please show some action pictures with yours if you have any...

    PS: getting one with the gold HW.

    Thank you so much lovely ladiess...
  2. Alessandra, I prefer matte because I can use my bag anytime anywhere.... I would wear a shiny croc during the day, only in a super safe place....KWIM?

    But I love both....:heart:
  3. Shiny for a small bag like a Kelly or clutch; matte for a Birkin...
  4. i used to love shiny but nowadays, im convinced MATTE is so much more lovely.... im puzzled by my own strange change of taste but to me, MATTE just makes the skin look so much more unique & there is this subtle beauty in it.... :biggrin:
  5. I'm the oddball, I vote for shiny.
  6. If I could only have one croc, then shiny. I don't really see a croc bag as an everyday bag so I prefer the croc bag to be more "formal" looking, whereas matt croc bags tend to be on the casual side. Would also add that in some colors, (especially the lighter ones), the shiny crocs don't really appear as shiny - more of a semi shine in some cases. Black, braise etc appear very shiny in croc.
  7. I adore the shiny. To me, at least from a distance, the matte looks like embossed leather, not real croc.
  8. Shiny!!
  9. That's right ! This is exactly why I can wear my matte ( and enjoy it) and walk anywhere , with no fear that some bag guy would try to grab my bag.....

    I would not wear a shiny with the same peace of mind ( during the day I mean...)
  10. I love both but for my low-key, low-gloss life I would probably go with matte...:s I'm fairly casual and non-bling plus I would want a bag for use during the day. I like pepper's thoughts - shiny for smaller items, matte for larger bags.
  11. matte croc all the way for me!!!!!!!!
  12. MATTE for day.

    SHINY for evening.

    SEMI MATTE: Perfect all around amazing croc!
  13. Matte is much more floppy and velvet-feeling to the touch whereas shiny is stiffer. Both are nice and lightweight! I adore them both and would be hard pressed to pick a preference.
  14. Matte... casual elegance... yum.
  15. Shiny in the morning, shiny at lunch, shiny at dinner!! I don't care for the matte, but can appreciate the look. Just not my thing. I am a bit more dressed up..heck, I even have a hard time with PH!! :nuts: