Croco Sale - What'd Ya Get?!

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  1. Hey everyone!

    If you didn't see on the deals/steals thread or get the email... dylan croco is 60% off with the code "coolcroc" and can be used with the e-vip $15 off if applicable.

    I totally wanted to get the cute turquoise key case but it was gone by the time I got the site to work. I got the dylan croco long zip wallet in turquoise for $83.04 (with shipping) and 5% back through e bates! It will match my turquoise dylan croco shoulder bag PERFECTLY and I'm so excited!

    Between getting the bag on sample sale and the wallet on this sale... I'm making out like a bandit! Thanks LP!!!
  2. i got the yellow shoulder bag and the cognac zippy... yay! i keep forgetting about ****** though...darn it...
  3. #3 Feb 1, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    :smile: Two long zip wallets! One in YELLOW, and one in VIOLA
    With the discounts, each wallet was approx. $44.00!
  4. viola double zippy and matching wallet:smile:
  5. wonder why my e bates word didnt show in my other message..odd
  6. I got the yellow dylan croco for $167 including shipping!
  7. A yummy Viola croc Double Zippy! :cloud9::tender::love:

    I had to physically get up and force myself not to get a shoulder bag too!!
  8. I got the Viola Dylan Croc double-zippy Satchel for $149 shipped!! WHOO HOO
  9. i wish i had your will power... i seriously have to stop w/ these sales... ugh
  10. I also scored a Viola croc Double zippy. Very excited!
  11. I got the Yellow Double Zippy and matching wallet. Now I'm wishing I would have got the Viola wallet too since I already have the Viola shoulderbag. I was being cheap though because I've bought way too much in the past month!
  12. also got a yellow double zippy after i posted below:yes:

  13. Because it's blocked from TPF for some reason.. I have yet to figure out why.

    Nice scores everyone!!!! I can't wait to see all the pics!
  14. I went back and got a yellow double zippy as well! The price was just too good to resist!
  15. Well just for the record...they only have 7 yellow double-zippy's left......