Croco Reissue in Purple

  1. Croco Reissue in Purple!
  2. Is that really croc??I saw not a few weeks ago some flaps on the display that looked like the picture above but theý were made out of fabric.I might be wrong.
  3. It's calling my name, haha!! I think I need to have it!!:p GORGEOUS!
  4. sorry to tell you girls it isn't leather :sad:
  5. No, it's not skin; it's fabric. IMO, the purple lamskins are tdf. This isn't floating my boat. Let's not forget these coco crocs 0r crock ofs -- me bad -- are priced close to $3K. And I don't care if Karl hand stitched them or who stitched them, it doesn't justify the price.

    Just like the crest collection (rtw) now in stores, sorry, I think they ruin the garment, hand embroidered or not. What's wrong with elegance, gorgeous fabrics. If I want glitz, I'll add my own by way of jewelry. Sorry for the digression to rtw.
  6. LOLLLLLL! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    i totally agree with everything u said! WORD! :tup:
  7. i'm drooling over this bag........
  8. I couldn't agree more. I know I was absolutely astonished when I started seeing the ads for the new jersey bags and their prices. For goodness sakes, it should be leather at the very least, for that price! I'm also not liking the fabric straps they have attached to the bottom of the chains either. It's...odd.
  9. Hmmm, I'm not liking the jersey material (sorry).
  10. i was THIS close to getting the satin version, i'm still on the waitlist for the turquoise, let's just see how she looks irl! my dad thinks she's very fab, he was SO close to getting me one until rationality hits him and he explained to me that it was just not justified to pay SGD5k over for a satin material quilted bag! so i didn't get it and hopefully i'll get a chance to see her irl to see how divine she looks for that 'fabulously price tag'!

  11. I've seen the black version. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice looking piece. But I still don't give a r_t's arse about it being hand stitched. And, and according to a book I have that Chanel put out years back that gave the story of how the classics are made, they are all hand made. So to think this bag is so dang special because it's hand-stitched -- no, it's so dang special because you're paying $3 for a satin bag stitched (quilted, trapunto -- call it what you will). Why does the term unmitigated gaul pop to mind. Keept in mind when the fabric wears in spots, as it will from rubbing, Chanel can't fix it.
  12. ^ i agree! xo
  13. I've seen both black and turquoise satin in e/w and 225 sizes with G/H and they were gorgeous!
    There was also the jersey e/w and 225 (the one above should be a 226 or bigger)This comes with s/h tarnished I didn't like it at all!
    Jmen I absolutely agree with you as well as with the rest of the Fers that posted here :too much for fabric!!!
  14. I agree too! Its hard enough justifying close on 3k for a gorge leather one, but this is just too expensive for a fabric bag.

    Love the hand stitched by Karl comment too lol ;) :biggrin:
  15. I saw the turquoise and black IRL and they were very pretty if a little bit pricey as you all say. The SA's were really plugging this line and customers did seem to be buying it! On another note the silver sequin line was also in the boutiques last week. The small flap was very cute and each sequin was stamped with a little black camelia, so detailed!