Croco (not choco) Edith on Ebay $17,500!!

  1. Despite the 100% feedback, I'd be wary of buying such an expensive item with no photos...
  2. I would NEVER make this purchase off ebay!!! Ever!!!
  3. Does anyone know anything more about this eBay seller? She/he seems to stock a whole lot of high-end bags... :worried:
  4. i have heard the seller is Legit but i also wouldnt buy high ticket items from Ebay. such an expensive bag, would rather buy hermes
  5. Aside from not caring for it in this leather....I, too, would never buy something so expensive from a total stranger on Ebay! And where are the photos?
  6. The bag looks hard.
  7. I'm not an ebay expert... But almost ALL of this seller's photos are stock photos from other websites like!
  8. That seller is legit but her stuff is WAY overpriced and she lists many items before she even gets them. She does use a lot of stock photos for that reason. I've watched some of her auctions and a lot of times she'll replace the stock photos with the real items midway through the auction. I'd never buy from her but she does sell authentic stuff.

    That bag is ugly though! :wacko:
  9. How much more overpriced at $17500 can it be? What's the retail on that bag?? And who buys that on ebay??

    Not to mention croc on a bag that's supposed to be distressed and almost slumpy seems a bit strange... Croc paddy, I could almost rationalize, but the Croc Edith?? No Thank you, Ma'am.
  10. Agree:amazed:
  11. I know! I thought croc balenciaga city looks off (really takes away from the whole slouchy look), but croc edith looks even more :yucky: (sorry if there's any fan).