Croco Kelly

  1. Hello to all the community. I live in the south of spain, and I am a big fan of hermes´s handbags. I am longing for a red croco kelly.
    FLOR 2
  2. Welcome!
  3. :flowers:
  4. Welocome Flor2...enjoy the will really meet some great people and see some lovely bags.
  5. Welcome. Looking forward to hearing your comments and stories.
  6. Welcome!! I hope you find your dream bag!
  7. Welcome, FLOR 2!
  8. Welcome!! Love to have someone from Spain...very cool!!
  9. Welcome / Bienvenida Flor!
  10. Welcom Flor..
  11. Wish you good luck in getting your croc red kelly.
  12. lol aren't we all longing for that bag!? :smile:
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