Food Crockpot Recommendations??


Jan 7, 2010
I've never owned one myself and have been reading a few reviews. None sound perfect...between temperatures changing on their own, to not being able to lift out the pot, or the insert is there anyone who has a good recommendation or warnings about any?

I also just found a combo rice cooker/slow cooker made by Sanyo. Anyone familiar with this?

Thanks for any comments!!
Dec 5, 2006
Weddington, North Carolina


Jul 10, 2008
I have an old stainless steel Rival crock pot that I received when we got married 10 years ago that I still sometimes use (that thing is a workhorse), but for Christmas 2008 I got this:

I love it because it has so many neat functions, and the "warm" feature is great. I really recommend a programmable one because you can set it to cook on high for so many hours, then automatically turn to warm or low. It is great for when you're going to be gone for longer than you want the recipe to cook - for example, if you work full time. Another thing I like is that it is big enough to do a huge roast without having to cut it in half, or a large quantity of soup or chili. When I'm just doing something small, I use my old Rival.

The only thing I have noticed is that the more expensive the cooker, the more fragile the insert. My old Rival insert is extraordinarily durable AND fits in my dishwasher. The new ones - the crock is just too big to go into the dishwasher so it is hand wash every time. The All Clad and Dr Weil inserts do require more careful handling. The first day I had mine, my husband cracked it while washing it by bumping it against our granite countertop. Fortunately I was able to take it back to Dillard's and get a replacement. In the time since then, I haven't damaged it yet and I'm pretty clumsy. (I even put frozen meat in there sometimes - the horrors!) I probably use mine once or sometimes even twice a week, and I've never had any issues. A lot of people seem to have trouble with the inserts on the more pricey cookers, but I'm not sure why.


Jan 23, 2008
We have this one:

The nicest thing about it is the different size crocks.
I LOVE it. I am trying to use it more!

And, if you ever need a fast recipe, just chop up all the veggies you have in the fridge, add chicken legs, cover with chicken stock and something else like soy sauce, or miso marinade..... and voila! 6 hours later, the people you share it with will think you worked all day long!
Dec 15, 2008
Mine is made by All-Clad, and has the non-stick liner that can be used to saute or brown stuff on top of the stove. I'm all about having as little to clean up as possible. :P


Jul 27, 2009
Portland, OR.
I want to revive this thread if I could..I just purchased a really good crockpot..(haven't opened the box yet..) I guess I want to make sure I'll use it a fair amount..not just for 3 or 4 recipes..pot roast..pea soup..stew..etc) I hate to buy it and then have it sit in my pantry.

So.. the more recipes the better!
I've had some not so great crock pot cookbooks years ago..but if someone knows of one that's really good please let me know.


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Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
I'm reviving this thread as well. Any recent crock pot recommendations would be great. I'm looking for one that is 5-6 quarts. Many thanks!


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Oct 20, 2006
Mine is a rival, I didnt see the exact model online, but the main features that I like are the ability to set the time, and then it automatically shifts to warm when it is done. I think programmable is definitely the way to go.

I also sometimes carry it places, and if I needed to replace this I would go with the model that has the clips on it for carrying.

I love my crock pot and am about to start chili in it this very afternoon :love:

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May 5, 2008
New York, NY
For anyone still in the market for a slow cooker, I highly recommend the new Calphalon 7 qt. digital - especially if you have a family or if you enjoy having leftovers to freeze...

I love having the digital timer which you can set from 2 hours to 24 hours and it switches to "Warm" once done. Really comes in handy if you aren't home when your dish finishes cooking.