Crock pot vs. Pressure cooker

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  1. For those ladies who have a pressure cooker and/or crock pot, if you had to choose between the two which one would you say is more productive?

    I know the pressure cooker can cook things really quick, and I've used it before for several things (finding a good one is the challenge) but I want to know what are the advantages of a crock pot, and can it cook a wide variety of things as well or is it just for stews/soups..
    I'm leaning towards pressure cooker, what do you think? Any recommendations, and for those who have crock pots, does it really come in handy?

    Thanks :tup:

    P.S share your favourite recipes for either if you wish :smile:
  2. I have a pressure cooker and the only thing I've ever made in it is fried chicken. I use my crockpot about once a week. I mostly cook soups, whole oatmeal (not the rolled instant kind), and meat in it. I love the crockpot because you can leave it unsupervised for 6 or 8 hours and come back to a delicious fully cooked meal!
  3. Crockpot...definitely...much more versatile....but splurge and get one that you can preset...this is a very useful feature that mine doesnt have. silly a new one is only like $60 bucks, but I cannot bring myself to spend it when mine works perfectly well, just lacks convenience....yet I spend XXX on XXX with very little urging...

    anyway, I digress...
    get the crock pot...and get a good one!
  4. oh, friend showed me a very good book, too.

    there are a few in this series...very good recipes, IMHO...

    When I am in total rush, I thrown in some chicken, wine, carrots, onions potatoes, spices, bay leaves, salt and pepper and turn it on.....whatever comes out after 4 hours is always great....

    You can also throw in chicken with sauces, like those at trader joes, or the indian market, or whatever sauce looks good at the market....I always add wine....cook up some brown and wild rice and poof....instant great dinner...

    works with beef and lamb, too, you can also dump in browned ground meat and have taco filling, chili, pasta sauce, whatever you like, just depending on what else you add....we are having croc pot chicken mole tonght, in fact.
  5. You can plug a regular crockpot into a timer from the hardware store, like the kind you use for Christmas lights :yes:
  6. thats a good idea....I think my friends one goes to warm when its done....not sure though....hmmmmm

    if i am going to obsess about this, I guess I should research better....the timer may be just the thing!

  7. One of my tricks! I use a timer for the Coffee machine so my Mom can have super fresh coffee once she awakes!

    As for the OP, I have crock pot which I have had for about 4 years. Never used it until around thanksgiving, but I am enjoying. Great for soups and stews! I have never even seen a pressure cooker and am not quite sure what they are used for. I think they can be dangerous if not well-supervised!

    Go for the crockpot, it is alot more versatile!
  8. another vote for the crock pot!
  9. Another vote for the crock pot. I used the pressure cooker once and didn't find it a good fit. Gave it away.

    If it wasn't for the crock pot, my family wouldn't eat. We get creative and throw in meats, sauces,etc. Best concoction has been pork cooked with pears and asiago cheese.
  10. One word: flavor.

    A crockpot allows you to slowly mingle flavors. Herbs with veges with meat for hours and hours.

    A pressure cooker gives you speed. The crockpot gives you speed because you spend little time in the kitchen while the crockpot works for hours.
  11. Crockpot! I set it up and turn it on when I leave for work - food is done when I get home. Can't beat that.

    I just got one of the computerized ones that goes to warm when the time is up. I love it.
  12. when in a hurry... pressure cooker helps me a lot tenderizing lots of meats, bones and tendons
  13. We are making a roast with potatoes, onions, wine, carrots and other veggies for dinner tonight. I started it this morning and it will be all done by the time we get home from work! yay!

    I love the crock pot. Ours has the timer on it and it goes to warm when time is up.

    Also, I have never used a pressure cooker before.