Crochetbella's Collection

  1. Here is my growing collection. :biggrin: The majority is Coach, mostly from when I worked at there a while back. Also, Burberry, Kate Spade, Dooney and my favorite, my LV Recital. The purple bag is one that I made. :shame: Hopefully this summer I'll add a Popincourt Haut or a Damier Speedy. :lol:
    AFD3E229-B875-56E1-557683FF01C2DEBD.jpg AFD32BAB-FA43-42B3-3B686B94A13CE367.jpg AFD47D2A-BE3A-FC5A-F52A6C3C256FF156.jpg AFD27393-B6E6-143B-63D6EE331058C79C.jpg
  2. I love the gallery tote and the satchel, and that is the most darling knit bag !
  3. Love your collection. I especially adore the purple knit bag you made. Thanks for sharing.
  4. The bag you made is so pretty!!
  5. You made that bag??? Holy cow... I love the little corsages on the bag!!! Can you make me one too??? ;)
  6. :shame: Thank you all so much! I hesitated about posting the one I made but figured what the heck. :biggrin: :shame:
    Ayla, I will tell DH you liked the gallery tote and satchel as those are the two bags he bought for me as presents (without me picking them out.) I love them too. :love:
  7. Nothing beats working at a store and getting bags for great prices :biggrin:
  8. cute collection! :biggrin: i have that gallery tote but with blue piping. :smile:
  9. I love your purple bag! Very cute collection!
  10. Your crocheted bag is gorgeous, you're really good at crocheting. I also like the Burberry bag.
  11. Great collection! I fell instantly in love with the purple one on the end - then read that you made it?! WOW! It's beautiful! So feminine!
  12. I love love the bag that you made. IT's so cute.
  13. Nice collection! My favorite bag is the one you made. It is fabulous!
  14. Very nice collection ... like everyone else, my favorite is the one you made!
  15. :shame: Thank you all so much! Your kind words about the bag I made really mean a lot to me. That is high praise from such a fabulous group of people. Thank you!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: