Crochet - The Happy Hookers Thread

  1. Love the afghan! I used to make them, but everyone in my family has several now. I seem to have that problem with everything that I make. I make way too many!
  2. Awesome projects, ladies. I've been knitting for a few years and finally learned to crochet this past summer. I actually prefer it, as it goes much faster.
  3. I made this doily for a friend of mine for Christmas. I love this pattern, and have made so many of them!
  4. This is gorgeous! :yahoo: I am working on a similar afghan pattern but smaller scale - but I can't figure out for the life of me what color to use to sew these together. I started with one of the colors in the pattern but feel it looks strange on the pieces that aren't that color! (If that makes sense...LOL!) Your afghan looks so perfect and I can't see the stitches. I'd love advice as to what you did and what color you used to sew them together since they're not of course all the same color and there's no border. TIA!!!
  5. OK, here's a beautiful afghan that my mom crocheted for me. I love it - it's my favorite! When I tried to photograph it, my pup decided he HAD to be in the picture. :yes: So here it is (along with Kodi)...

  6. i just started crocheting on saturday, believe it or not! i took a class at a.c.moore and i picked it up rather quickly. let me just say that i am hooked - no pun intended! lol i am working on a blanket, which started out with straight, squared corners, but has now begun to round - help!
  7. Hi Ladies, Love this thread.

    Rather silly question, but is it hard to crochet? for someone that has never even knitted?
  8. not a silly question at all! i JUST learned how to crochet on saturday! i was taught the most basic stitch of them all, and i think i've mastered it already! goodluck! :tup:
  9. My mom just taught me over the weekend. I'm almost done w/ my first project, a potholder.

    Envyme- it is actually pretty easy to learn a single crochet and how to start a chain. The other stitches are more complicated but it's like that w/ anything. If you don't have a class near you or have someone who knows how to teach you, there are some great videos on You Tube. I watched one on double crochet when I was doing a single and really messed up though! No wonder I had to scrap a huge piece of work!
  10. Thanks, well i think that maybe i will try it out, and if i am any good i will post a pic :smile:
  11. Everyone's crochet looks beautiful!!! :woohoo:
    I obviously love to crochet too! :biggrin: Right now I'm working on a scarf.
  12. Hi ladies, I can't believe this thread is dead. When I found the Arts & Craft section, I got excited. :nogood: No one is here.
  13. I am really a knitter, but I like to crochet as well. I'm just not as good at it. :smile:
    I have a lot of odd balls of yarn and would like to crochet a granny square afghan but I want it to be one big square, not a lot of little ones that I have to sew together. Does anyone have a pattern /directions for this?
  14. I really enjoy crocheting, but I ran out of ideas.... Where do you ladies get your inspiration from? Do you follow special blogs? Or do you have "family recipes"?
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