Crochet strawberry bag charm.

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  1. I've seen a few of these charms here on the forum, can anyone tell me where I can get one from please? It's like a crochet/knitted strawberry key ring? I'm in the UK :search::search::search:
  2. an lv one?
    can you google a pic?
  3. U mean like these?
    They are all handmade
    P.s. This picture is not mine. It's from google.

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  4. Yes they're the ones but minus the handle cover. I've seen loads on Instagram and on here but I don't know who sells them :sad: I really want one. Lol. They're so cute!
  5. Try ebay search for crochet strawberry/cherry ;)

    Good luck!
  6. The handle cover with the strawberry are so cute. Post pics of what you have seen. I am sure its cool
  7. ... or try
  8. Most of these are from Thai websites but I can't read Thai :sad: