Crochet Chanel Bag

  1. that is a beautiful bag! what season is it from i wonder?
  2. not sure...... I think its last year's ?:hrmm:
  3. I was looking for that bag!! So was someone else, but I can't remember who.
  4. Thats a pretty bag!!
  5. wow, its so cute! :smile:
  6. ah-dorable!
  7. Looks so delicate and hard to keep clean! But pretty!
  8. it's a very interesting bag... but i would be afraid of getting it dirty :smile:
  9. pretty but high maintenace
  10. It's A Beautiful Bag
  11. I remember who else was looking for the bag, it was ranskimmie!

    I'm thinking this bag looked better on bluefly.. but it's still gorgeous!