Croc Vanity Case: $11K Bargain!

  1. 16624721_o.jpg 16624731_o.jpg 16624740_o.jpg
  2. Just saw that too on ebay. For the price I think I would rather get a Hermes bag:yes:
  3. Agreed. :love:
  4. Just Fab
  5. wow!
  6. yes definitely! hermes birkin is better than that!:love:
  7. Wow, very pretty! Was this from the Les Extraordinaires collection, anybody know? My theda has the same lock!
  8. I think I know who's bag that is. ;) It's gorgeous!!
  9. Here are pics of Angie Harmon and Madonna with that bag:
    R007-9334.jpg is_12427771.jpg madonna.jpg
  10. That's so gorgeous. Just a bit pricey though.
  11. Croc is one of my fav skins..and that gold just goes so well with the dark leather....yums.
  12. It is nice but way too expensive. I too, would get the Hermes first.
  13. I dont really like the looks of it.
  14. It's not so much bag for buck, I'd get a Hermes too.. despite my love for Mr. V !
  15. Can't say that I like that one. :sad: